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The 2011 Club Championship "Winners Circle" . . .
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The 2011 Club Champion ~ Chris Bohler (Presented by Club President, Adam Doty)

Club Champ for 2011 Chris Bohler

The 2011 President's Cup Champion ~ Cain Hebert

President's Cup Champ for 2011 Cain Hebert

Kevin Gilbert & Chris Howard Tie with an 84 for Low Putts over the 3 Days = Putt Off!!

Chris Howard Putting for the possible WIN after 13 playoff holes . . .

Kevin Gilbert WINS the Puttoff and becomes the 2011 Best Putter for The Club Championship

A-Flight 1st Low Gross ~ Kevin Gilbert

A-Flight 1st Low Net ~ Bill Fennessy

A-Flight 2nd Low Gross ~ Don Croll

A-Flight 2nd Low Net ~ Tim Driver

A-Flight 3rd Low Gross ~ Mike Elias

A-Flight 3rd Low Net ~ Rick Morales

B-Flight 1st Low Gross ~ Kurt Umland

B-Flight 1st Low Net ~ Wes Guarino

B-Flight 2nd Low Gross ~ Neeraj Chari

B-Flight 2nd Low Net ~ Matt Lilly

B-Flight 3rd Low Gross ~ Cliff Lewis

B-Flight 3rd Low Net ~ Ben Henley

C-Flight 1st Low Gross ~ Bill Larr

C-Flight 1st Low Net ~ Lonnie Holcomb

C-Flight 2nd Low Gross ~ Willie Weddle

C-Flight 2nd Low Net ~ Peter Chongkolnun

C-Flight 3rd Low Gross ~ Germaine Warner

C-Flight 3rd Low Net ~ Henry Chavez

D-Flight 1st Low Gross ~ Abraham Prioleau lll

D-Flight 2nd Low Gross ~ Tracy Barclay-Ward

D-Flight 2nd Low Net ~ Barbara West

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