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The 2011 Club Championship Players Photo Album
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We had a great event, if I don't mind saying so myself!

The weather was perfect, which made for great course conditions

'Can I win anything just playing 1 Day?' = YES!!

The players were ready for some competitive play (Ciff Lewis)

Some players clubs were belting out tunes of pars & birdies (Cain Hebert)

And some players hairs was standing on end with excitement (Malcolm Harwood)

Even the Gallery had their favorite spots to watch (Carol Goodwin)

Game faces were on . . . (Chris Bohler)

But most just came out to have fun . . . . (Abraham & Brett)

The ever lovely Diana Bohler ~ what can I say . . .

So who else showed up!??

She not only came dressed to play . . . (Tracy Barclay-Ward)

But she can also rip that ball right down the middle . . .

Although there was much to prepare for this event, I also participated ~ Rick Morales

The proper squating technique before you read your putt by Chris Bohler

You always learn something new in Bill Fennessy's Divot Repair Clinic . . .

Bill Larson showing all who cross his path that he's not out of this by any means . . .

Someone's having a good hair day . . . (Willie Weddle)

Germaine Warner loves Golf & Golf, a little more Golf . . . did I mention Golf!?

Oh! and her nieces Quincy & Parry and dog legends Rocko and . ? . ? . too

Club President and all around nice guy (cough, cough) Adam Doty . . .

Gitt'er done John Allen . . . I say no more because he has huge knuckles, no kidding!

Even a 'very special' person visited some of our golf legends (Dave Donahue. & Steven Hernandez)

Say 'Cheese' Ken Miller . . .

You'd think they were life partners . . . they always play together! (Tom Lincoln & Tim Driver)

Ben Henley ~ welcome back Ben . . .

No Smoking Zone Enforcement Officer ~ Jimmy Johnson

I really don't know who he's blowing that kiss to, but I'm hoping someone is standing behind me!

New comer, Johnny McCoy . . . I have no dirt on this guy yet. Give me a couple more months

Now this is how you ask for extra strokes . . . . (Mike Elias)

Brian Wakano ~ Loves wine & a good cigar . . . oh, and golf!

It's always good to see Doc Harmon with his patients: Bruce Reichenfeld, Henry Chavez & Jim Johnson

Listen carefully luv, this is the most important part! Never place your entire palm around the glass

Tommy Hancock, Tony Akopyan & Mike Leach, never count these guys out!

Wow . . . what a poser!

Cliff Lewis is always there to make you earn it . . .

You can always find Wes Guarino in the field giving it his all . . .

Matt Lilly ~ just a cool dude . . . and some other guy they call Doug Heiberg

Fraser 'Where's my ball' Gunn

Maurice Mischook

So I heard you REALLY hit the ball far and one putt all the time??!!

What can brown do for you . . . Steve Wammack putting the smack down on this drive!

Kurt Umland, Germaine Warner, Scotty Stukel & Pete Kodani . . .

The most interesting man in the club . . . Dan Acuff

Anthony Carusa, Michael Miller, Gokul & Jim Miller . . .

Bill Larson, Chris Howard, Matt Cargal, Johnny McCoy & Kevin Gilbert

Cheers Peter!! Now let's find out who all the winners are . . .

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