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2010 Club Championship Day-1 Event
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The 2010 Club Championship Race is on for the Bling-Bling & Accolades . . .

So what do you ladies REALLY think of the 2010 Club Championship!?

Let the show begin . . . John Fitz & Bill Fenn Dogg


GOOD OUT - Fitz . . . Oh, was that the 2nd attempt . . .Doh!!!

My Favorite Tree on the course . . .

Peace! Brother Mo . . .

Shhhhhhh . . . Carol is putting!

Mr Bill

Joe McCord - stick

Fenn Dogg, Tommy, Mike

Tracy & Germaine

. . . and their cadies Kurt & Scott

perfect timing . . .

Barbara and Doug cruzin . . .

Mike Fricke & Tom Hahn

wild life


wild life sees Mr Hmmmmmm . . .

Mo, Kellee, Mike,& Carol

Fraser Gun & WillieWeddle

Jim Miller & Tim Driver

Greg Bistline

Jim Coughlin and Malcolm Harwood

Bo Pettersson and Matt Cargal

Spot the golf ball in the middle of the V of the tree

Doug, Barbara, Mark & Ben

Tracy Barclay Ward - A Happy Golfer

Batman & Robin

Carol and Mike

Joe, Anna from the TV Series V, and Bill

The Blue Shirt Club Board of Directors

Girl Power

With some golfer its simply Black n White - George & Vic

Bo keeping Ginny Harwood company and feeling right at home . . .

Thanks a ton guys for all the help . . .