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Crub Championship Day-2 Finalé
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A Toast to all the Participants & Winners of the ECGC 2009 Club Championship. CHEERS!

The 2009 ECGC Club Champion Joe McCord

The 2009 ECGC President's Cup Champion Archie Craig "Mr Bagger"

2nd Place in A Flight Adam Doty

3rd Place in A Flight Maurice Mischook

My trophy is better than yours - The Fight Continues...

4th Place in A Flight Chris Bohler

1st Place in B Flight Ben Henley

2nd Place in B Flight Harmon 'Doc' Schwartz

3rd Place in B Flight 'El Presidente' Rick Morales

1st Place in C Flight Matt Cargal

2nd Place in C Flight Kurt 'I lost by 1 stroke' Umland

3rd Place in C Flight Neeraj 'Henry's Favorite Indian' Chari

1st Place in D Flight Fraser 'I have a heavy accent' Gunn

The rest of D Flight was not available for the photo op


Our Trustee Secretary Marv Good always there to lend a hand and have a drink with

Wes Guarino taking it all in stride...

UPS Steve Wammack - 'What Can Brown Do For You!'

Germaine 'I wanna kick yur butt' Warner

Tommy 'My Back Hurts' Hancock

The Vicodin is kicking in baby....

Paul Jenks one of Europes finest eye candy

Chris Howard 'I learned to play with my daddy's clubs'

It's good to see Mark Avila back

Kevin Gilbert 'The Leader of The Limey Posey'

Anyone in B, C and D Flight can claim this 2nd shot onto the green!

Carol Goodwin helping Leach find his ball...what a gal!

Joe McCord 'good out'...see the ball in the upper left of pic?

Chris Bohler making it look easy...

Ahhh that Tom Hahn on the phone? that's a 2 stroke penalty!!

The only time I've seen Archie smile is when he wins a $2 Cribbage game against Bistline.....

Kurt Umland and Ben Henley

Adam's 3 foot tap in for his best placing in the Club Championship

Joe waiting for his final putt of the Championship....

Go Joey...Go Joey...Go Joey!!!

The Gallery was slim with the heavy drizzle in June

Local Islander Bruce 'Yah Now' Reichenfeld checking out if his horse is going to place...

What's a Water Hoarder? Paul just loves his his beer aye?

Germaine's final tee shot of the Club Championship....

The Final Group...All Buddies and Golfing Comrads - Adam, Mo, Joe & Chris

Looks like a proud Grandpa Henry Chavez...

Greg and Germaine doing the needful...and the winners are!!

Doc is wondering if Rick Morales took him out...

The suspense...

Lookie loo's

taking a much needed break

Mike is not happy about something...

Lookie loo's

Lookie loo's

Ben Henley made a great run for the President's Cup, 1st Place is going to have to do this year!

Doc Harmon with the ever lovely Terri Morales - Grrrrrrr....

Diana with a couple of local hoodlums....Brian & Neeraj

WE ARE NOT TOGETHER! Excpet on Sunday's and some tournaments...

Twas a good show boyz!!!

Rick with his Sunday wife Germaine...who is one hell of a Golfer!! . . . . . . . . .For a chick!

New Member Barbara pays us a very cool lady!

Smile! . . . #&$@% You!!

Hey kid!! Ask your daddy for your own git your fingers out of there!!

Somebody obviously did well.....

How about a little poker after golf boyz....

That is some Poker face you got there Kurt!

Looks like Mo just won a hand....

Diana is cracking up at the grown men acting like kids...can't say I blame her!

Girl Power!! . . . . . Where is Tracy Barclay-Ward!!??

Now for some real fun!!

Adam....That was a great idea of yours!!

Always around for the photos....

The Results....

The Results again....

...and the Poker continues....

Jenn taking a small break to enjoy a fun moment....

Thanks for coming everyone!!! See you on the Links real soon....

TaylorMade R9 Driver at Golfsmith