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MBZ Dealer Championship
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Winners TPC Valencia

Adam and Dad at check-inj

Penguins in Hawaii???????

The usual colorful raqinbow

5th Hole Royal Course

Self Portrait

Laconia, Fenny, Dotician Jr.,and Dotician Sr.

Bill Barkers next pair of shoes

11th Tee

Us with playing partners Nelson and Tony

Fenny aftter 1 too many Mai Tai's

Germain's next golf bag

Lua dinner

Hula girls....Hubba Hubba

Lua fire dancers

Sugar Cane Train behind the 7th green

Letting off a little steam

New friend from No. Carolina falling in love

Ice Sculpture

Kapalua Bay Course -FINAL 20 Teams

Going for birdie

Kapalua Bay 5th Hole

Fenny on the 5th

Our 72nd Hole - Kapalua Bay 5th Hole

Fenny, Dote, Kevin Malone, David, and Laconia- Kapalua Plantation 18th Green Skybox

Celebrating our Great Journey

Plantation Course Skybox

Kelby Villegas lines up his putt

Eagle putt on the 18th Plantation

Just us

Fenn Ogilvy wins the MBZ

The Maryland team

My last Maui sunrise

Hawaiian exercise

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