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2008 Club Championship Tournament
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The 2008 Club Champion - Joe McCord, Ladies & Gents....

The 2008 Presidents Cup Champion - Juan Alvarado

A picture says a 1000 words...

ehhhh...just kidding! Bill's very happy for Joe what's his face...

Joe, whatcha going to do now?... "I'm going to Disneyland!!"....

Best Putter for the 3 Day Event - Maurice "Mo" Mischook

Best Lady Golfer - Germaine Warner - 2nd Place in C Flight

Maybe if I wear better hats I will win a tournament...??

How come you always get the 1st time

Now, now, no attitudes please...

Our Local Scottish, Mike Jensen - Nice Hat Dude!!

Pards for life....

2 of the big winners in this years Club Championship...

Cool & The Gang - Bruce, Rick, John & Jimmy

A Flight Sticks - Kevin, Bill, Tommy & Chris

Mike Elias making the Flag Stick look beautiful...

Mike Potter, Scotty, Mike Leach & Kenny - da Boyz!

Pete Mikolyski - what a stud!

Tracy Barclay Ward - New Member, great person & lots of fun!

who me!?

Did it go a little right Billy??

Ali-ba-ba Don Croll Sr...

Mr Margarita Man - Bill "Fenn Dog" Fennessy

Picture perfect mate! Kevin Gilbert - Love the scarf mate!

Chris Bohler ladies and gentlemen - a hell of a stick he is!

Why so gloom and doom Henry Chavez?

No chinges me man - is this better? - Yup!

John Fitz playing golf while Julie is in the hospital waiting to give birth to Triplet's! doh!!

I need another beer to help me read this...

Some of the local Wild Life showing off her rose peddles...

The Dodester...

Steve Lewis - 3 time Club Champ - now a daddy!

Hey Joe, is my hat on straight? - Looks good pards!

Maurice is coming - his last putt of the day to secure Low Putts for 3 days

The Gallery...

more gallery.....


Doug Heiberg, you almost pulled it off buddy!

Jim Heiberg - chillin

and the winners are...

Billy Barker

Adam Doty

Steve Lewis

Mike Leach

Mike Potter

Tim Driver - yes, I hesitate at the top of my back swing - so what?!

Cliff Lewis

Germaine Warner

Matt Bennet - Good job buddy!

Frank Hogan

Jim Miller

Peter Chongkolnun - was not present to recieve his award, but was there in spirit

Juan Alvarado

Joe McCord

Maurice Mischook

Yours truly - Rick Morales, now let's PARTY!!

The after tournament celebrations begin with a little poker

Chip leader with a couple of good bluffs....

Here's to "Team 10" - Cheers!

All in baby!

Never without a smile - Steve Lewis

Bruce letting out an expletive - dooohhhhh!!

When it's time to relax, one beer stands clear, beer after beer! - Name that tune??!

Jon Montgomery visits us on Day 2 of the Championship...

Rick's best Zorro impersonation...

Thank God Club Championship Week is OVER!!

We ended the day with the Bag Pipper - - - - NOT!!!

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