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April 2008 Full Flight Tournament & Match Play Qualifier
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oh oh...

Henry Chavez


Steve Wammack

Bo, Mike, Vic and Arthur

Xavier Corral and John Santillan

Champions Tour

Jim and Charlie

Charlie Kaczinski

Jim McGown

John "The Starter"...

Jim, Malcolm & Ray

Jon Mongomery plays in Tourney!

Cliff Lewis and Joe Dean

Petter Gallup

Bill Fenn Dog

Dennis Chang and John Fitzgibbons

Marv Good and Ben Henley

Henry leaving because we played too fast....

Germaine sad because Henry left her alone for the rest of the round...

Bruce and Jimmy

Greg Johnstone and Tommy Hancock

Neeraj "Crazy Face" Chari

Joey and Peter

Jennifer and The Eaton Bar Life....

Just don't make an *ss of yourself here....

A local friend of ours...Sarah

"Jenn can I have a drink please..."

Future Club Member...Sophia

Local Day Care Manager - Frasier