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2007 Club Championship
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Club Champion Maurice Mishook Presidents Cup Winner Gary Speicker









she loves it!

kissy kissy

good job MO!

Adam Doty - Tournament Director

Club Championship

You can always count on Germaine helping out...

Henry Chavez putting on his "Game Face"...

You gotta be packing guns to play in our Club Championship...

Brett, Mo, Tommy & Mike

2005 Club Champion John Fitzgibbons chips up to #4

Ken probably going over a ruling with Doug Heiberg

Wes Guarino & Sami Ghattas

Xavier Corral and Rob Barnett

Stan Kocaya and John Santillan

Chris Bohler and Bill Fennessy (The Licker)

Thomas Hancock putting for Eagle ladies and getlemen...

Gary Spiecker & Jim Heiberg

Tom Lincoln cruising

Dr Doug Slabaugh

Diana Kelly

Dan Acuff

Chris and Diana Bohler

Greg Bistline

Chris, Mo, Joe & Steve

Kevin Gilbert

Bill Knowles

John Sojka

Germaine Warner

Chris, Doc, Frank & Bo

Tim , Tom, Peter & Pete

Traffic at Eaton during Club Championship

Great posture...

"When it's time to beer stands after beer..."

Time to relax my brothers...

Ladies and Gentlemen..."The Heiberg Brothers"

Bill's version of Tagging..

Scotty Stukel

Mo is feeling good about his golf...

Nick Vular...folks

Kurt Umland

The Gallery


The After Party on the putting green...