Match Play Rules
Last Updated: 07/20/19



Please leave a check for $15 in the Club Drop Box adj. to scoring PC in Pro Shop or pay me cash.

1.  All matches shall be played at Eaton Canyon and should be completed by the following dates:

     Qualifying Rnd   July 14                9-holes


     Round 2             July 28                9-holes


     Round 3             August 11           9-holes


     Round 4             August 25           9-holes


     Finals 1-4 place September 8      18-holes


2. Player on top must make 2 attempts to arrange match by deadline, if match not played, player on
     top advances.

3.  USGA Rules of Golf and Eaton Canyon Golf Club Local Rules shall cover all play.

4.  Rounds 1 thru 4 shall be 9 holes. Round 5 - final, 3rd and 4th place matches are 18 holes.

5.  Players may not play their matches while competing in another scheduled club tournament.

6.  Men shall play from the BLUE movable tee markers, Ladies shall play from the RED markers

7.  All players shall play matches to their 12 month LOW INDEX at time of match, adjusted for course
     handicap and any tee differential (I.E. Ladie's red tees v men's blue is 1 extra stroke for Ladies)

8.  All players will pop off the lower player's handicap. Low player plays to 0. Ladies pop on holes             
    corresponding to h/c for Ladies Tees. (I.E. 9th hole is #1 h/c for Ladies v 1st hole for men) 
9. If match is tied after 9 or 18, play an extra hole until a winner is established.

10.All players shall post scores as NON-TOURNAMENT.

11 Place all scorecards in Club Drop Box adj. to scoring computer and email Willie Weddle with result.

12 For questions or disputes, please email