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Willie  Weddle
1155 Del Mar Blvd #308
Pasadena , CA 91106
3106130993 Cell
Tournament Chairman
Neeraj  Chari
310-508-3200 Cell
Handicap Chairman
Marv  Good
460 W Mariposa
Sierra Madre , CA 91024
626-355-8389 Phone
Club Treasurer
Earl  Little
Secetary & Public Relations Director
Melinda  McGrath
Publicits and Special Events
Frank  Moore
400 N Lima St
Sierra Madre , CA 91024
626-355-6202 Phone
818-738-4510 Cell
Away Tournament Chairman
Scott  Wright
1175 Leonard Ave
Pasadena , CA 91107
626-390-0891 Cell
Membership Chairman
Lonnie  Holcomb
1603 N Valencia Ave
Pasadena , CA 91104
626-794-7724 Phone
626-848-6903 Cell
Assistant Tournament Director
Maurice  Mischook
818-749-1169 Cell
Special Events Director
Chris  Bohler
691 Chaparral Rd
Sierra Madre , CA 91024
626-355-8997 Phone
Board Members
Board Member
Barbara  West
626-791-4577 Phone
Advisor to the Board
Bill  Larr
Assistant to the Treasurer
Mabel  Lock
Assistant To Special Events Director
Diana  Bohler