2017 Tournament Schedule
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Eaton Canyon Golf Club

2017 Tournament Schedule

All Tournaments are subject to change at Tournament Directors discretion

January 14th                        Full Flight Tournament

February 11th                     Criers Tournament

March 11th                          Full Flight Tournament *

April 8th                                Full Flight at Santa Anita

April 22nd                           Away Tournament - Black Gold Golf Club – Yorba Linda

May 13th                              Full Flight at Santa Anita

June 10th                              Full Flight at Santa Anita*

July 8th                                  Red, White and Blue 4 Club Tournament

July 21st                                Hookie Lau!

August 12th                         Possible Club Championship*

September 9th                   Possible Club Championship and Senior Club Championship *

September 30th               Away Tournament – Sierra Lakes Golf Couse - Fontana

October 14th                       Full Flight Tournament

October 27th                       Glowball 2!

November 11th                 Full Flight Tournament

December 9th                    Member Guest – 4 Person Scramble


*Will be posted as a Tournament Score

Possible future Away Destinations: Hansen Dam.  Palm Springs Area? A certain city in NV?


For Home Tournaments contact: Neeraj Chari             
n_chari@ yahoo.com

For Special and Away Tournaments contact: Scott Wright                    swright1234@yahoo.com

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